What materials and thicknesses can be cut?

We cut most of the carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, copper and brass types and their alloys by laser. We also cut alloy steels such as spring steel and tool steels. The maximum thickness of carbon steel is 20 mm. The thickest stainless we can cut is 15mm. We can cut aluminum thicknesses up to 10mm. Copper and brass can be cut up to 4mm thickness

What are the delivery times and shipping charges?

Our standard delivery time is 3 working days, you can rest assured that we will try to ship your parts as early as possible.

Can you give information about cutting surfaces and part surfaces?

Due to our production process, there may be some cosmetic defects and scratches. There may be a slight burr on the lower edge of the cutting surface of aluminum and stainless steel. 

Do you offer bulk pricing service?

Yes, we are here to support businesses of all sizes. If you plan to order large quantities, we will be happy to assist you. Send us an email at [email protected] and we will contact you immediately

Do you do twist welding and surface treatments?

We offer additional service for heftier tools (> 50 ). You can contact us for details.

How long do I have to cancel my order?

Your order can be cancelled within 4 hours

Do you have the option to pay at the door?

Unfortunately, we do not have the option to pay at the door for now.

How can I track the ordered product?

You can track your track with the cargo tracking number forwarded to you.

Can you cut other materials besides metal?

No. For now, we only cut metal alloys. We want to include different materials in our system in the future.

What are your maximum cutting dimensions?

We can cut all sizes up to 1500mm x 3000 mm.

What can I do If the website does not approve my parts' dimensions?

If you contact us at [email protected], we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I have my own material cut?

Probably. If the size and quality suitable for the cut, we would like to help.

Can you dwg my sketches that I want to cut?

We would like to help if you contact [email protected].

Should I give a cut margin for the drawings I send?

No. It is sufficient for us if you draw the desired dimensions in 1/1 mm mm.